Profile - Jacky Khoury

Coming from a long journey in software design and programming, I once decided to follow my passion for the sweetest treat in the world: Chocolate. At the farewell gathering of my last software job, I wrote to my friends (Whom I still call friends and not colleagues) a quote from Thomas Stearns Eliot, “To make an end is to make a beginning.” This was the beginning of Rubis Chocolatier in which I dove and swam in the exciting world of chocolate. My passion pushed to learned more about it and did so by creating and testing new recipes, shapes, and concepts. Every day was a new adventure of transforming my ideas into Chocolate. I wanted to make anything out of Chocolate. Three years went by, I continued to learn from my success and more importantly from the failures, until our beloved country went into a major economic meltdown forcing me to stop my chocolaty dreams that are considered a luxury! This was the end of Rubis Chocolatier. Giving up is not an option, happiness and joy must continue. So, JackeysKitchen Food Blog started. JacKeys Kitchen is not only a food show channel, it is also a new beginning to spread happiness in the global virtual world. I am looking forward to explore with you the joy of cooking all sorts of recipes including my secret chocolaty ones, presenting food, and arranging tables for all occasions. I hope this new journey am starting will bring hope and love to me as much as to you.


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