Profile - Cynthia Bitar

Cynthia, Owner and Executive Chef of Nazira Catering, Lebanon and MENA region’s most renowned catering enterprise, is a member of the “Academie Nationale de Cuisine” and co-founder of “Les Disciples Escoffier Liban.’’ Holder of a diploma in Management and Culinary Arts from Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon, Cynthia has more than 20 years of extensive work experience, complimented by a series of internships with namely the prestigious French catering company Fauchon and alongside Emile Cauvière, MOF and bakery World Champion. A former participant in “Festival des Etoiles de Mougins”, “Bocuse d’Or competition” as well as “Salon des Métiers de Bouches”, Cynthia has taken the lead in representing the Lebanese cuisine at the international culinary scene from her media appearance on France 5 with “La tournée des popotes” in 2016 and curating Lebanese cuisine nights at a Michelin starred Restaurant in Marseille in 2017. Additionally, Cynthia has organized hundreds of weddings, VIP dinners, cocktail parties, brunches and banquets for over 2000 persons in Qatar, KSA, Jordan, UAE and many more. In 2018, under the patronage of Chef Yannick Alleno, Cynthia was awarded the “L’Esprit Entrepreneur '' prize in the “Arts Culinaires International'' category by Bocuse and Co.


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